A Conversation with Hartford Business Journal Editor Greg Bordonaro ’08


Greg Bordonaro '08 was named editor of the Hartford Business Journal in June 2013.
Greg Bordonaro ’08 was named editor of the Hartford Business Journal in June 2013. He started his career at the Hartford Business Journal 5 years ago as a reporter. (Photo via hartfordbusiness.com)

Greg Bordonaro landed the top editorial job at the Hartford Business Journal in June 2013. Bordonaro is a graduate of the University of Connecticut who earned his degree in Journalism and History in 2008.

In his role as editor, he oversees the Hartford Business Journal’s award-winning weekly business-to-business newspaper, website and special sections.

Founded in 1992, the Hartford Business Journal serves 25,000+ readers in 61 towns in the Greater Hartford region. Its website – HartfordBusiness.com – is a regularly updated online hub of news and information, providing daily email alerts and a digital archive of articles.

Bordonaro, a West Hartford resident, recalled his experience as a UConn Journalism major in an email interview.

Why did you choose to major in journalism?
In high school I wanted to be a sports writer, so I was set early on about majoring in journalism. While at UConn, however, I gained interest in writing about other subject areas. It wasn’t until after college that I developed a passion for business news.

How did your UConn education and connections help you?
The UConn journalism program was very important to my growth as a journalist. I not only learned the basics of the trade, but also advanced reporting techniques that I use daily at my job. UConn also helped me land a great internship, which helped me gain important industry experience and contacts.

Did you have a favorite class?
[Prof.] Marcel Dufresne’s advanced reporting techniques class was the most interesting and informative class I took throughout my four years at UConn.

Is there anything you wish you did while still at UConn?
I wish I wrote more for The Daily Campus. I covered the golf beat one year, but never really spent too much time writing for the paper.

What’s your advice for current journalism majors at UConn?
My best advice is to do as many internships as possible. Real work experience is what sells to employers these days. The job market is competitive and editors aren’t interested in hiring people without any real world experience. Internships are also a great way to make industry contacts that may land you future job opportunities.

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