Retention and Graduation Rates



According to the National Center for Education Statistics and the UConn Office of Institutional Research

  • 73 percent of students graduate from UConn in four years.
    • The U.S. average for four-year public colleges is 36 percent.
  •  83 percent of students graduate UCONN in six years.
    • The U.S. average for four-year public colleges is 53.8 percent.



Retention and graduation of journalism majors:

We are able to track retention and progress toward graduation from the time our students are formally accepted as journalism majors, which is usually in their third or fourth semester.

Of the 49 students who entered the major in 2014-15

  • 46  (96 percent) graduated from UConn.
  • 43  of the 46 (93 percent) graduated as journalism majors.
  • Of journalism grads, 70 percent graduated with double majors or dual degrees. Those included Political Science, English, Communication Science, Human Rights, Spanish, French, Statistics, History Drama, Anthropology and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies.
  • The average time to graduation was 4.6 semesters, which is what we would anticipate given the fact that most students are in their third or fourth semester when they enter the major.

July 2019