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Living on the Edge

CottagesPix        Crammed with a hundred years of family memories, the stately Browning cottages are sliding into the ocean. Can anything rescue our southshore beaches from the relentless march of the sea?
      Ed Cooley is PC’s latest hope for Big East glory. But who gave this South Providence kid the confidence to overcome the odds and go on to land the best job in Rhode Island sports?
       Tough Enough
      He is hosting a traditional Rhode Island clambake that will serve up 275 lobsters, fifty chickens, sixty pounds of chorizo, 250 pounds of red bliss potatoes, 260 ears of corn, five bushels of Maine clams, seBigEastPixven bushels of Prince Edward Island mussels and vats of Rhode Island clear-broth clam chowder. His 200 guests are gathered under a white and green striped tent in Newport’s Fort Adams. The sun setting over Jamestown casts a magical light upon the sailboats still gliding across Narragansett Bay.
       Playing It Safe
      Save The Bay was once a scrappy, shoestring fighter for the environment. Now it has a multi-million-dollar budget, a former hedge fund manager as boss, and confrontation is a thing of the past. Has it lost its way?


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