A Letter from UConn Journalism Department Head Maureen Croteau

Welcome to Journalism at UConn. Professional journalism is changing in exciting and often unanticipated ways. A story that once may have been told only on a printed page now comes alive with interactive and social media, videos and slide shows.  The time between newsroom and doorstep has shortened from hours to milliseconds. And the “doorstep” is often a smartphone or tablet anywhere in the world.

But the most important parts of journalism have not changed. Our fundamental duty is to inform the public. How we do that has changed. Why we do that has not. As the web has made more information available to more people more quickly than ever before, the need for accurate, balanced, insightful reporting has never been greater. That is the job, and the challenge, of the journalist.

At the University of Connecticut, we start with content. What do we know? How do we know it? Why does this matter? What have we missed? Then it is our job to become storytellers, using the technology that best serves the content. We soon find that our skills are intertwined.  Good writing is essential to producing engaging video. Clarity and focus are essential to all reporting and to visual journalism. Multimedia uses visuals, action and sound to tell stories that engage all the senses, just as magazine writers have done for generations.

Where will journalism be tomorrow? Come see for yourself.

-Prof. Maureen Croteau, Department Head of Journalism

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